Principal’s Desk

In 2009, New Height Institute of Education was founded in Bhopal with just 50 students. Today the college has established itself as an institution of high repute. It is our unwavering commitment to highest quality education that has accelerated our growth on this journey.I believe that teacher education has the most critical role to play in the progress of a nation. “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”. We ensure that the rock solid foundation help them build here- both in terms of skills and values- will stand them in good stead, no matter which ever place they choose to live. Along with the requisite academic and related skills, we try to inculcate empathy for those less fortunate and concern for the environment around them. We create opportunities, not just for young people to learn, but also for them to experience the fulfillment that comes from sharing this learning with others. At New Height Institute of Education, we always focus on delivering education that will help create the leaders of tomorrow’s world. Men and women, who will not just be successful in their individual capacities but who in turn, will contribute to and nurture the world they live in.